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If you're like most Americans, you no longer have a great deal of trust in traditional media. And who could blame you?

Groupthink. Newsroom corporatization. Eroding editorial standards. Significant reductions in local/specialized content.

The whirlwind caused by these factors has wreaked havoc on the entire profession.

We're trying to offer an alternative to that.

We're trying to dig up the stories that they bury.

We're trying to showcase the viewpoints that they marginalize or outright silence.

In short, we're trying to give the community its voice back.

Our team hopes to accomplish this goal by offering a two-pronged editorial approach. One section of our site will actively opine on subjects obscured by other outlets. The other half will be dedicated to spotlighting pieces published elsewhere involving topics that the press has either underserved or totally ignored. In both cases, extra weight will be given to individuals who can demonstrate that reporters/editors have given them the cold shoulder.

We can't cover everything and we won't be perfect.

What we can be is your first real media ally.

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